Estrik floors / Mortar floors

Cement flooring is used for forming of floor systems as a levelled mortar layer, usually in thickness of 40-80 mm before flooring. Mortar floors can be installed on concrete flooring, panels, expanded clay, polystyrene foam, stone wool, and crushed stone. They are widely used on heating pipes in installation of heated floors. At the end of floor installation process, a mortar floor is grinded with concrete grinder so obtaining a smooth surface, therefore it is very good base for flooring, such as tiles, laminate, parquet, etc. Thanks to high quality indicators, fast and easy installation, and low costs, the cement/mortar floor has become the most used material for floors’ building.

  • QUALITY We perform works of high quality, according to construction general principles and by using only qualitative materials. We add necessary additives in the required quantity.
  • RELIABILITY We are honest and reliable cooperation partner being responsible for the work done.
  • EXPERIENCE The company has experience for more than 10 years and its manager has experience for more than 15 years in pouring of concrete floors.

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